Wednesday, 30 March 2011

fml 2..

oh yea again..

but before that, ladies, the twentyseven concepts’  Luxe Convertible dress is back!! and it’s in BLACK!! so GO AND GRAB IT BEFORE IT’S GONE!! (i bought the pink/cream coloured one! check previous post here)


note: it’s not on Jipaban (maybe yet) , so you’d have to buy from their own site. but who cares as long as you get the nice versatile =D




right. the fml 2.


guess what? streamyx in my house decided to put up a strike yesterday afternoon because i dont know why. but it sure inflicted alot of pain on us..

called 100 and couldnt do anything until brother was home. so i used my phone to go online.

still, didnt get any better (if you consider the modem’s internet light moving from red light to yellow light is one, that is)

so the very sad,gloomy and disappointed me decided to give my own phone a try as a  modem to my laptop.

worst. try. ever.

because not only it didnt work, I COULDNT EVEN GO ONLINE WITH MY PHONE AFTER THAT!! settings went havoc!!




Urbanites 101: DISCONNECTION KILLS. or almost.



this morning , dad couldnt stand it anymore so made me call the 100.

after all the checking and confirmation, the customer service personnel decided that the solution is to reset the whole connection.

so there, we got our streamyx back.



but not so fast. i still have problem with my phone. *curse*

went all the way to the telco centre , just to be told that the customer service personnel only comes in at noon. =_=

so the very kesian me had something in McD while surfing with the free wifi. #allhailfreewifi  =_____=


and finally the customer service personnel came and started troubleshooting my phone.

after some gruesome wait (i forgot how long,but yes, gruesome enough) my phone’s internet is alive!! =D

thank you stephy!! =D


so #allhailgoodcustomerservice  =.=”



p/s: it’s gonna be the Chinese’s All Soul’s Day, any of you going back to hometown to pay homage to the ancestors? =)

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