Monday, 28 March 2011


maybe not so but..almost..

just after i was all dressed up to go out and buy something, i saw an unfamiliar car waiting just opposite of our houses (neighbour) ..i decided to first wait in the house..

now im just being frank here. if you know my area,you’d know how scary the crime rate is over here. so i DO have my reason to do so.

so after the unusually long waiting time i called up the local police station to ask them to just make a round (note: not reporting crime or asking them to make an arrest ok!) , being a good and responsible civilian and all. i even took the photo of that car (camry) *hand cover eyes*

and appears that it’s the new potential buyer of the other vacant house.. =.=”

so i immediately called the local police station to explain he is the buyer and all,but still,asked them to make a round,you know,just in case.

ok now. you may laugh at me. *sulk*


and that’s not all..

i told myself to go to an ATM before going out. and yes, i forgot all about it,until i reached the fly over,which is already , well, way too far. =_=

i said,fine. let’s go to the one in the mall.

and upon reaching the mall,i decided to take the outside parking which doesnt require parking fees, coz i’d be very fast (target shopping) and this is not Jusco or Tesco, they charge per entry.


but again,yes, on this time of the day they decided to close the outside parking. AHAHA.


made rounds to see any cars going out.

NO luck.


fumbled for change for the parking entry..

oh here comes the part..i didnt bring the small change, i only brought my essential cards in a smaller purse,thinking to just take money from ATM before purchasing.=_=


searched frantically for coins in the car.

still 10 cents less..


how ?

then suddenly a brilliant idea popped up. grabbed the remaining few local council’s parking coupon,then made a big round to reach the opposite parking lots at the local council’s office.

the other side of the parking was closed for some project,but i told myself i can just get out from the same entrance. *overconfidence*  =_____=x

then walked over to the mall and just bought the stuff (oh and yes, i DID remember to take money from the ATM before purchasing. great achievement. no?)

actually i just bought some work stuff, and Shi Lin (士林) extra crispy chicken chop and oyster mee sua for my grandparents, since we found it quite delicious having it the other day.

so off i went quickly to my car, thinking the 30min limit was over.

uh uh.

i’ll tell you what. it was a 60min coupon. =__________=

oh my,if i’d known that i would have check out the super crazy book sales @ Popular!! (90%!!)


ah fine i quickly delivered the tasty stuff to grandpa and then went home.

T__T finally..*sigh*


p/s: on a happier note, new episodes of NCIS,NCIS-LA and CASTLE!! whee~~ XD

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