Sunday, 16 November 2014

Bliss-ful experience 4

So we went to get albums from Bliss weeks ago.

They were under, erm, major renovation and thus the place was kinda in a mess..

well luckily they didnt lose our stuff..(or did i forgot anything from them?)

so generally the album is..okay..layout is conventional but at least not too fake as most of the shops..

I still prefer my photobook from melaka more..more carefree and natural..but i dont think the elders like it eh..

and last week or two we got the photo cards from them too. the design was grey and white and quite modern..but! i believe they many other designs which people can choose. so, not gonna reveal here.

and just yesterday, i brought my wedding buddy (oh they sure didnt say anything about wedding buddies =))))) )to Bliss, and her comment was the person in charge was not too friendly. ha! i guess the one i met was able to let us feel more comfortable than the person in charge.

But! overall their quality and service is fine.

Still! i talked to the wedding buddy and the hubs’ friend, and i found that to avoid any regrets, it is veeeeeerrrryy important to research thoroughly and make sure to let them know exactly what you want, and if you’re wary or doubt that they can do what you want, scrap it.

and also be very alert to avoid tragic events of being made to pay extras. With Bliss, so far i find it ok. They are quite flexible with what can be modified or exchanged. And stated very clearly of what can or cannot be used, or what is included and what is not.

Next up would be the actual day service of makeup!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Matchy matchy

I dont know about you but i think matchy outfits sounds..well, matchy and perfect. i like that.

So padini has a new range of matchy tops and bottoms in floral, laces and another one in stripes. But i dont think i can carry them. then i came across these black essentials. oh and yea, they ARE matchy XD

trust me when i say i thought long and hard about THIS set.

the materials are thick enough to make sure my boss does not kick me out of the office. (think it’s coz of the autumn-winter season)

the lace details are just oh! to die for.

they matches almost everything.

the pants are seriously comfy, smooth and stretchy i can almost sleep in it. almost.



and that’s it.


the first was wearing them as they are.

looks professional, no?





throw in a sweater for a casual match.



swap to peplum skirt for a night out. (love this combination the most!)




how can i not love this set? ah! cant wait to wear it for christmas already!!!!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

going K-razy about K-ultures

I still prefer simple, modest,  yet sophisticated outfits .

but thanks to my colleagues, im now ..ahem..partially Krazy about Kultures.

er…well..particularly, i like their demure,at times feminine,sometimes cute, yet sophisticated (some) style.

i said im partially Krazy coz i still retain some of my logical thinking skills and rationality, ahem, to avoid going overboard with the Kraze. (oh you know, the songs, the looks)

well , any how, i tried to use accessories to bring out the look, apart from the outfits.

i found the magic, yea, magic , of the accessories that can instantly give an outfit a boost.

so here, there’s the cute ones. polka dots and all.




see, even with just a white tee and jeans, the accessories bring the whole look together.



and for a classy feminine look, i chose bright colours and a touch of gold over lacey and silky outfit.


different accessories bring out different feel here. this one is more cheerful and bright.DSCF0329


a more sophisticated one.


acting like a lady =_= *ahem*






pearl, golds, and more blacks bring out a darker, a little glamorous, sophisticated look.




giving it some bling~



and more! neat bows, houndstooth~


and to conclude the Kraziness, i even learnt to make cook toppokki (korean stir fried rice cakes), miyeoguk (seaweed soup), tangsoonyuk (sweet and sour pork, best!! ) and jjangmyeon (bean paste noodles, yums!)

ohoh! shall catch up with my romKom /K-drama XD


Shooting location: Zakka Loft (with permission), review .

Photographer: the hubs XD

and special thanks to Kyle for lending me your baby XD

Friday, 4 July 2014

To Healthy Skin

the truth is, there are days i am too lazy exhausted to even put on a mask.


anyway. i found a way to nourish my skin, the chinese herbal way, that is.

it all started with a taiwanese magazine.

i was trying to force myself to read more despite the works so i bought some not-so-heavy magazines, for me to read before i sleep.

i bought this 7.LOHAS magazine from popular.

2014-07-04 21.20.41

it’s an old issue but it has so many useful information of LOHAS. and this issue talked about the chinese herbal way to health. one of the section showed the use of chinese herbs as facial mask. i was like : FACIAL MASK!!

not question marks on that. because i’ve tried the chinese Tong Ren Tang 同仁堂 herbal facial mask before and i swear it was sooooo effective, tho very smelly. you know, like the kind of awfully bitter but weirdly fragrant smell of chinese herbs. so complicated right? i know.

so right after that, i decided to go to my regular TCM shop to buy the herbal powder on the list . but they told me they dont have them in powder form. at least not all of them.

but lucky me, i found it in Yan Onn 人安 TCM hall.

2014-07-03 11.12.17

i’ve posted this before. that was before i tried it.

now, i know how powerful these herbs are when you use the right ones.

for me, i have large pores and more importantly, pigmentation problems. and you know how tough they are.

so my combi is

丹参Dan Shen / Chinese red sage,

白芷 Bai Zhi/ root of Angelica dahurica,[for whitening]

当归 Dang Gui/ Angelica acutiloba,[for circulation, hence reducing dark spots]

and 珍珠粉 pearl powder. [for brightening and overall wellbeing] <=== the most expensive of these 4 =_=

[oh thanks to wiktionary for all the herbs’ names =_= ]

these powders are then mixed with honey and just half a teaspoon of water to form a paste for facial.

and they are soooo good. er, tho the skin might smell weird for the rest of the day =p

but later on , i also found out that this pearl bai fong pills helps the skin and general wellbeing of ladies too! (skin!! because it has pearl powder! )

2014-07-03 11.11.49

so now, you are not only applying it, but also eating it! =D

oh and i am still taking juices to make sure i have enough vits! (and for healthy skin!)

speaking of that, i tried making smoothie with blueberry.

and the verdict? back to juicing. =_=

the texture is just….. gargh!! still a picky eater =p

2014-07-02 10.55.37

the greens are not mine that day as it is more cooling. (tho kiwi has anti-inflammatory properties , with lots of vit c)

i had apple , cranberry and blueberry  as i had headache and blurred vision.

usually i take lemon, green apple, beetroot, and carrot to reduce water retention and balance hormones.

[beetroot is very potent! sometimes i add celery for more detox power]

it all actually comes from this book:

2014-07-03 11.35.03

2014-07-03 11.35.18

which has details of the fruits and vegetables benefits and properties. some are more cooling while the rest are of warmer nature.

still, google will do in the absence of the book
hahahahha! XD

now go ahead and google for some fresh goodness =D

Friday, 13 June 2014

getaway photoshoot sessions..and Bliss-ful experience 3

so straight after class we went to Melaka, where we were pretty much stuck for hours. =_= didnt really foresee that. by the time i unpack and shower and lay out all the outfits and switch on my laptop to download photos from Bliss, it was already 1am (i guess, or somewhere around that =_= ) was so thankful we had dinner before we left for Melaka, or we would’ve been stuck in the jam hungry. =[

[for a moment, felt like a celebrity hopping from one meet&greet to another in a promo tour. ops, sorry =p ]

anyway, the next day, the bro and his two assistants (ahem) arrived, just after im done with make up and hair.

base makeup : Majorlica Majorca

blush: Maybeline

eyes: Maybeline, silky girl

lips: silky girl

hair: Liese curl

this session is more casual, with short dresses or long dresses with casual materials.

we went with the concept but most of the locations or shots are decided random, actually.

there were garden, beach, and the A Famosa (using building).

as usual, i prepared the props. this time, i even had mini blackboard and the wooden blocks of loves! (very cliche right! =_=)

but in the end i used them mostly in the beach session. =p

didnt regret getting them tho, coz i can still use these as decor in the room.

anyway, love the beach most! like this:



credit to the trio of having their research done and using this ‘frame’ for the photo.

although the hair was severely ruined by the wind/breeze =_= coz i didnt even use any hair spray to fix it. it’s casual , anyway.

this dress is not even that type of glamorous , silky or puffy gowns, it’s just a casual long dress with lace design.

like this: (close up)



super love the lace! (also, see-through lacey back!)

we then had late lunch in a cafe before the next location. i even changed to a shorter dress in the cafe’s toilet. =,=

rushed to A Famosa and quickly took the shots as it was crowded over there. (we waited for people to move before we took photos)

actually, the whole tourism area was very much packed and full of tourists as it was school holiday plus weekend.

and as we go around, we did a tad bit of sight seeing, just a bit.

it was considered very quick as we took time to have a late lunch.

we then went back to shower (and remove ALL the makeup, phew!)

joined the jonker street crowd later and i love it! the crowd, art pieces, street food…yesh!

practically walked through the tourism area =_= (or something like that)

on the way walking back, we stopped for the River Festival. (we didnt even know there was one until the bro told me)

so it’s half photoshoot session , half weekend getaway XD so convenient right?????

the next day, continued with more touristy stuff =p


and the other day , we received some album layout from Bliss. call it occupational habits or whatevs, i didnt really like the words they tried to put into the album. i sent them lyrics to let them use but they didnt. i guess it is because the two person handling my order didnt really communicate well between themselves?

anyway, they are willing to edit it for us so it’s fine. i mean, as long as they are willing to edit according to our wishes.

i guess in the end, it is just being very very clear on the concepts and ‘wants’ / ‘wishes’ and going with it.

so now, i shall wait for the finalised photos!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…or sort


so, talk about the k-pop influence. i watched ‘Sarang Bi’ or Love Rain starred by Jang Geun Suk *drools* and Yoona *dreamy eyes* !

and in the drama Yoona wore the 70s’ Korean outfits. demure , sweet, and soft.  [go google!]

so i thought, it fits perfectly for my office (or is it??) and let’s try.

no i’m not thaaat crazy, just a little ‘inspired’ to get vain =p

so i raided the mum’s closet and matched it with some of my pieces.



purposely recoloured the upper pictures to resemble the 60s/70s to get a feel of that ..haha =p

mum’s : dark blue/navy – based flowery dress, skirt suit, even the bag

mine, old: cardigans, belts

mine, new: pink flared dress, yellow top (from some shops in Berjaya Times Square)

makeup: base makeup-Majorlica Majorca

              blush and eyes-Maybeline, Silky girl (brow)

              lips- Silky girl


and some of the stuff i ‘accumulated’ til now! i think these are also some staples that doesnt really go out of fashion, too, i think?



Padini patterned sweater/jumper paired with the oh-so-hot-now midi skirt. when i went to sungei wang to purposely search for this (not the flowy type, which yoona also wore in the drama) , i found only one shop selling it. == and it was in *ahem* ‘full adult’ size. so the owner went and picked another shorter skirt, that fits as a midi for ME!

that’s what i call profesionalism  =p joke. i even heard she is going to korea (or was it china) ,personally, to get more stuff!

(makes mental note to go to that shop again*determined*)



THIS!! is what i called the perfect lazy top for the office/class. reason? no need to iron, has collar and sleeves, and very proper looking

perfect XD

and different skirts gives different feel and look too!



and this!! haha i can only say i fell in love with this cute piece again. i wanted to buy a dark coloured pinafore from Padini but it was sold out. then i saw this in Sungei Wang, well i guess for now this will do =D

hmm..what to wear next? =D

Sunday, 25 May 2014

my top 5 fav tools in japanese bento


so we used bento as one of our props in the wedding photoshoot. the staff at Bliss asked me about the tools and method too. well, on the method part, it’s basically pretty art related. but the tools part, make sure you have the right tools to help you ease all the fuss in making bento.

i have been practising making bento for some time now. it was like this:


of course the skills improved XD

and i have 5 fav tools, which i think is much much more practical than the rice ball moulds (seriously, you dont wanna use the rice ball mould as the grains can be very loose. always, hand mould them.)

the star tool is of course this seaweed expression punch.


i’ll rank it no.1 must-buy tolls for cute bento makers. you dont know how much cuter a bento looks with this, be it a bun or a regular rice ball. like this:



this, is genius. i used to cut the sausages to make sure they can cook well or evenly. now, i have this. just press and you have nicely cut sausages!


like this:



sometimes there are some dishes in bento which requires separation until consumption. so these silicone cupcake cups will do the trick. colourful too isnt it?? there are also various shapes and sizes sold in the jap market.


also, you must have a clean, sanitised mini tweezers and scissors to help with the seaweed-based decoration. it makes sticking the mini pieces of seaweed to the rice balls much easier and precise.



last but not least, some cute decor!




good luck trying!