Monday, 4 April 2011

(i wanted to say fml 3 ..)

okay, by looking over HERE at this post i shall make you all swear that you wont tell my parents about this.


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right. anyway. something stupid happened.

and you wont be able to imagine how stupid it was.






so last night i had the ‘feel’ of gastric. so i quickly grabbed a slice of bread and drank something. thought would just sleep it through.


but i think it is getting more frequent and unpredictable.. i had these attacks before but not like there’s a need to stock up on the meds.

like end of last year i had an attack in the middle of the night, ate something and then slept..i couldnt even sleep well and by 4am it got so bad i had to go down and get some hot drinks and bread..and when i wake up by 8 it didnt get any better so i had to see a doctor to get a prescription. and that lasted for 3 whole days and a tad bit late of taking the meds would give me a super sour punch in the stomach!


last night, it happened again. =_= and i dont have any medication with me coz i finished the last course then. i told myself i wont let it happen again especially in the middle of the night when i want to sleep! so yes i grabbed the slice of bread and some drinks. and yes i did thought of sleeping it through but it didnt give any sign to cease!

so i had to get some medication,and i decided this time i would stock it up.

BUT WHERE?! at this time of the night!

=_= ahhhhh that’s it.


guess what? brother was awake so asked him to take me to the doctors and he brought me to government hospital’s ER outpatient counter. (only RM1 anyway. private clinics might charge more for 24hr system)


in pain, i finally found the counter to register for outpatient and the paramedic sent me to do an ECG. =.=” probably thought i cant differentiate an angina pectoris or gastric. or just in case.

so anyway i got my ankles and wrists clamped and several tiny suction cups on my chest after slapping gels on them. (oh then it left love bites on my chest. so sexy right. =_____=x)

and of coz it was not a heart problem!

so after what has been like years (pardon me but it feels so, plus i was still in pain!!), i was finally called into the consultation/treatment room. but the doctors had to treat those more serious patients first so i had to wait. it IS an ER so what do you expect?


anyway, coz the one treating me is a houseman/house officer (quite charming LOL) so he cant make much decision so yes again i have to wait, wait for the senior to come and decide.

so since  i was confirmed as having none other than a gastritis (senior: the patient ordered the prescription wad..) i was finally given the prescription slip to go to the hospital pharmacy to get the meds. (note: FINALLY. =__=  it was already 2+am!!)


so we got home and i showered immediately. for the countless trips i’ve took to the hospital, i’ve never seen such ‘dirty’ examination bed like the one in ER..=_= spots know,could be tiny ‘stuff’ left by the previous trauma patients..

alright STOP. i’ve always very pantang to sleep on the ‘common pillows/beds’ in the examination room so yes i showered immediately after that i dont care how late/early it was.

and finally..took the medicine and slept. =D


and now, i have to bring the Magnesium Trisilicate Mixture and Ranitidine/Histac 150 wherever i go. =_____=

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