Friday, 4 March 2011

My Convertible!

so yes! my convertible has arrived!

actually has been searching for it in malaysia for sooooo looooong!! (since the widely circulated video showing how to tie it,yes)

no! not the convertible of’s the convertible of dresses!

and now i have my very own convertible!! *excitement*

here,lemme show you:


so today,i received my first ever purchase from Jipaban online shopping mall, and it was from twentyseven concepts shop. yea so go click and shop!





with a love note cute..




which doubles as the name card..oh wait,the name card doubles as the love note..=.=”



lo and behold..


it is actually thiiiiis looooong..


see how i hang it?the lower part (as in the skirt) is not that long but the upper part (which is for us to tie around) is sooooo looooong i had to twirl it for a few rounds to avoid it touching the floor.

[oh and i secretly thinks that you’ll need another person to hold the long part to help you fashion and tie, im serious..=_= ..i can trip with such long fabric..ahem..]

anyway, here are some of my tries/ties so far (=.=”)


the tube, tube tie..=.=


the halter tie..




then i can also split them..




or twist them..



just tie according to my mood!! wheeeee~~

but these are just few of the ‘ties’ for a convertible..

here’s more which i found from web:


(er,i to enlarge?)


definitely gonna play with it more..LOL..

and now just wait for my other purchase,also from Jipaban, the denim bustier dress,to arrive..woots! =D



by the way, watched a video about what a BB cream did to a woman’s face..but as they say,nothing is all perfect or good..*shrug*

as for make up,i’ve skip them for a very long time now..coz i actually saw how bad it is to the skin,no matter how ‘nourishing’ one claim to be..=_=

so as for now, i do masks regularly (more like you have to do it ‘religiously’ 0_0 ) and make sure i put on my sunscreen and moisturiser..

even if there is an occasion which i need to put on some make up i wouldnt use foundation..i can feel my skin suffocating!! =.=””’ ar okay anyway, i use a good moisturiser (pearl or something like that) and just do my eyes,cheeks and lips..that’s it..



as i’ve always told my friend, a good complexion is much much more precious than a good foundation..


oh right,that’s all for now..gotta peel off my egg white mask now..ta!


Qing Qing said...

woo~ nice dress... I just scare the material of the dress will make more looks more fat! LOL!!

ViViEnNe said...

hehe thanks! wont gua..try la..haha..

Jess said...

it looks awesome!! :)
glad that you like it.. else i may find myself guilty for encouraging you ealier~ LOL

ViViEnNe said...

=D hehe tq~~