Friday, 6 June 2014

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…or sort


so, talk about the k-pop influence. i watched ‘Sarang Bi’ or Love Rain starred by Jang Geun Suk *drools* and Yoona *dreamy eyes* !

and in the drama Yoona wore the 70s’ Korean outfits. demure , sweet, and soft.  [go google!]

so i thought, it fits perfectly for my office (or is it??) and let’s try.

no i’m not thaaat crazy, just a little ‘inspired’ to get vain =p

so i raided the mum’s closet and matched it with some of my pieces.



purposely recoloured the upper pictures to resemble the 60s/70s to get a feel of that ..haha =p

mum’s : dark blue/navy – based flowery dress, skirt suit, even the bag

mine, old: cardigans, belts

mine, new: pink flared dress, yellow top (from some shops in Berjaya Times Square)

makeup: base makeup-Majorlica Majorca

              blush and eyes-Maybeline, Silky girl (brow)

              lips- Silky girl


and some of the stuff i ‘accumulated’ til now! i think these are also some staples that doesnt really go out of fashion, too, i think?



Padini patterned sweater/jumper paired with the oh-so-hot-now midi skirt. when i went to sungei wang to purposely search for this (not the flowy type, which yoona also wore in the drama) , i found only one shop selling it. == and it was in *ahem* ‘full adult’ size. so the owner went and picked another shorter skirt, that fits as a midi for ME!

that’s what i call profesionalism  =p joke. i even heard she is going to korea (or was it china) ,personally, to get more stuff!

(makes mental note to go to that shop again*determined*)



THIS!! is what i called the perfect lazy top for the office/class. reason? no need to iron, has collar and sleeves, and very proper looking

perfect XD

and different skirts gives different feel and look too!



and this!! haha i can only say i fell in love with this cute piece again. i wanted to buy a dark coloured pinafore from Padini but it was sold out. then i saw this in Sungei Wang, well i guess for now this will do =D

hmm..what to wear next? =D

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