Friday, 4 July 2014

To Healthy Skin

the truth is, there are days i am too lazy exhausted to even put on a mask.


anyway. i found a way to nourish my skin, the chinese herbal way, that is.

it all started with a taiwanese magazine.

i was trying to force myself to read more despite the works so i bought some not-so-heavy magazines, for me to read before i sleep.

i bought this 7.LOHAS magazine from popular.

2014-07-04 21.20.41

it’s an old issue but it has so many useful information of LOHAS. and this issue talked about the chinese herbal way to health. one of the section showed the use of chinese herbs as facial mask. i was like : FACIAL MASK!!

not question marks on that. because i’ve tried the chinese Tong Ren Tang 同仁堂 herbal facial mask before and i swear it was sooooo effective, tho very smelly. you know, like the kind of awfully bitter but weirdly fragrant smell of chinese herbs. so complicated right? i know.

so right after that, i decided to go to my regular TCM shop to buy the herbal powder on the list . but they told me they dont have them in powder form. at least not all of them.

but lucky me, i found it in Yan Onn 人安 TCM hall.

2014-07-03 11.12.17

i’ve posted this before. that was before i tried it.

now, i know how powerful these herbs are when you use the right ones.

for me, i have large pores and more importantly, pigmentation problems. and you know how tough they are.

so my combi is

丹参Dan Shen / Chinese red sage,

白芷 Bai Zhi/ root of Angelica dahurica,[for whitening]

当归 Dang Gui/ Angelica acutiloba,[for circulation, hence reducing dark spots]

and 珍珠粉 pearl powder. [for brightening and overall wellbeing] <=== the most expensive of these 4 =_=

[oh thanks to wiktionary for all the herbs’ names =_= ]

these powders are then mixed with honey and just half a teaspoon of water to form a paste for facial.

and they are soooo good. er, tho the skin might smell weird for the rest of the day =p

but later on , i also found out that this pearl bai fong pills helps the skin and general wellbeing of ladies too! (skin!! because it has pearl powder! )

2014-07-03 11.11.49

so now, you are not only applying it, but also eating it! =D

oh and i am still taking juices to make sure i have enough vits! (and for healthy skin!)

speaking of that, i tried making smoothie with blueberry.

and the verdict? back to juicing. =_=

the texture is just….. gargh!! still a picky eater =p

2014-07-02 10.55.37

the greens are not mine that day as it is more cooling. (tho kiwi has anti-inflammatory properties , with lots of vit c)

i had apple , cranberry and blueberry  as i had headache and blurred vision.

usually i take lemon, green apple, beetroot, and carrot to reduce water retention and balance hormones.

[beetroot is very potent! sometimes i add celery for more detox power]

it all actually comes from this book:

2014-07-03 11.35.03

2014-07-03 11.35.18

which has details of the fruits and vegetables benefits and properties. some are more cooling while the rest are of warmer nature.

still, google will do in the absence of the book
hahahahha! XD

now go ahead and google for some fresh goodness =D


Kyle Loke said...

Too bad that this magazine is actually discontinued by the publisher for some reason...I liked these magazine

ViViEnNe said...

Discontinued?? I didnt know that..