Sunday, 25 May 2014

my top 5 fav tools in japanese bento


so we used bento as one of our props in the wedding photoshoot. the staff at Bliss asked me about the tools and method too. well, on the method part, it’s basically pretty art related. but the tools part, make sure you have the right tools to help you ease all the fuss in making bento.

i have been practising making bento for some time now. it was like this:


of course the skills improved XD

and i have 5 fav tools, which i think is much much more practical than the rice ball moulds (seriously, you dont wanna use the rice ball mould as the grains can be very loose. always, hand mould them.)

the star tool is of course this seaweed expression punch.


i’ll rank it no.1 must-buy tolls for cute bento makers. you dont know how much cuter a bento looks with this, be it a bun or a regular rice ball. like this:



this, is genius. i used to cut the sausages to make sure they can cook well or evenly. now, i have this. just press and you have nicely cut sausages!


like this:



sometimes there are some dishes in bento which requires separation until consumption. so these silicone cupcake cups will do the trick. colourful too isnt it?? there are also various shapes and sizes sold in the jap market.


also, you must have a clean, sanitised mini tweezers and scissors to help with the seaweed-based decoration. it makes sticking the mini pieces of seaweed to the rice balls much easier and precise.



last but not least, some cute decor!




good luck trying!

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