Sunday, 16 November 2014

Bliss-ful experience 4

So we went to get albums from Bliss weeks ago.

They were under, erm, major renovation and thus the place was kinda in a mess..

well luckily they didnt lose our stuff..(or did i forgot anything from them?)

so generally the album is..okay..layout is conventional but at least not too fake as most of the shops..

I still prefer my photobook from melaka more..more carefree and natural..but i dont think the elders like it eh..

and last week or two we got the photo cards from them too. the design was grey and white and quite modern..but! i believe they many other designs which people can choose. so, not gonna reveal here.

and just yesterday, i brought my wedding buddy (oh they sure didnt say anything about wedding buddies =))))) )to Bliss, and her comment was the person in charge was not too friendly. ha! i guess the one i met was able to let us feel more comfortable than the person in charge.

But! overall their quality and service is fine.

Still! i talked to the wedding buddy and the hubs’ friend, and i found that to avoid any regrets, it is veeeeeerrrryy important to research thoroughly and make sure to let them know exactly what you want, and if you’re wary or doubt that they can do what you want, scrap it.

and also be very alert to avoid tragic events of being made to pay extras. With Bliss, so far i find it ok. They are quite flexible with what can be modified or exchanged. And stated very clearly of what can or cannot be used, or what is included and what is not.

Next up would be the actual day service of makeup!


sgrmse. said...

I was just thinking I feel like reading someone's wedding planning blog and then I came across yours! Haha. WIN!

Congratulations :'D

ViViEnNe said...

wow thanks! =D