Thursday, 28 May 2009

i can’t believe it =_=’’’ sorta~

Tzia wrote this up.

and my comment was:

“wow…you know, i do get stares once in a while when i think those ‘attires’ are just leisure outfits!(when i come back to ipoh hometown, near the city centre summore=_=”’ )and the handbag thingy..aww…..i didnt care about it though, i mean, that’s me…..i mean, it’s just being proper and polite in image=_=”’ (im not stripping aint i?nor am i revealing too much) argh…..
and i totally cant believe that going to club means the short and spaghetti strap =_=””””’


hey, try wear what you think is best and most appropriate and come to KL, and feel the stares. =_=’’’

my point is, do you gossip about the person (as bixxx) or do you gossip about the inappropriate outfits?=_=’’’what is there to gossip about if he or she didnt do anything bad or wrong even in societal restrictions and in law?

that’s her alright, and you are you.

full stop.

disclaimer: it’s just my personal opinion, just like you have yours.

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