Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Terminal

you know that part in ‘The Terminal’ where Catherine Zeta Jones had a date with Tom Hanks?

She (as the flight attendant, Amelia Warren) said that she stayed in a hotel (residence) and always has her luggage ready…..

“who knows if he wants to see me over the weekends…..”

i felt i can relate to her so suddenly…..

well not the part about staying at a hotel (that cost a bomb, and more than that)

neither the part that she was dating a married man (screw!!)

it was the feeling she had…..wanted to be there waiting and never want to miss a chance meeting the guy she loves so much…..of all these hassle, just to meet the guy she loves…..even though the guy might not respond to it…..

(also the part where she fly for 27 hours straight just to make up to the schedule to met him)

it was so foolish and yet such immense love…..


have you, any idea, that i left out a lot of things, just to be able to be there with you?

that i put you just after my academic and none others? (hell, you can count with your ten fingers the time i really hang out with my friends)

have you, any idea, that you are always on my mind no matter what i do?

that i was even thinking ‘what about him?’ while shopping for something at my pleasure

have you, any idea, that i did a lot of things for you?

that i only ask for your simple appreciation and nothing else?


this is foolish as it may be…..

maybe you are thinking and doing the same thing as mine…..

i can feel your love for me too…..=)


i really learn a lot from that book…..

it’s not about confronting or right-wrongs in a relationship…..

it’s about…..understanding…..understand the needs, what you really want…..even if i have to keep mum/quiet, serving you…..

because love made us do so…..


Live..Love..Laugh said... be honest,credits must be given to the producer of The Terminal..Besides the point you highlighted,there is another scene when he built a water fountain albeit no water just for her..It just goes to show how love can change someone..

ViViEnNe said... so sad y 'amelia' go back n choose that idiot who has a wife =='''