Friday, 29 May 2009

first of all, condolences to the family, and prayings for the girl.....(the case where the mum accidentally ran into her own daughter when she tried to drive the car, was my bf's friend.....*sigh*), please be extra careful, dont think people's advice or words are total nonsense.....when check means check carefully, better be safe than sorry, that's why some procedures are meant to be there... ==''' ok,maybe i dont know what im talking about.....

and second, stop the alchohol la can u? the negative effect was like, countless!! infinity!! u need me to tell u that?! stop it la wei!! whoever keep providing the alchohol i sure face off gao gao i tell u!!rip it off la!! who say happy occassion must drink wan? anything happen i take YOU resposible and u'll pay for that!!

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