Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Bliss-ful experience 2

Just a short follow-up of the Bliss-ful experience!

So after all the vain stuff in photoshoot, we were finally called to select the photos, limited to 28 poses. any extras (softcopies) will be charged at RM35 per piece.

We chosed exactly 28 poses after only 2 filters! #win XD

generally the results were alright , very korean to be exact. clean, fresh, neutrals, minimalistic. except that one ‘glam’ look, which is SO not us. so we let that go with only 3 selected from that theme/look.

we were also impressed by the staff’s friendliness and professionalism! quite generous in the gifts giving part too! (tho inevitably they are also earning alot =_=)

they chatted with us, asking us about (cue for spoilers!) the guitar and bento . the makeup artist even told me she bought the eyelash glue i had!

on a side note, after 1 and a half year, my bedroom slash storeroom slash study room slash home library slash walk-in wardrobe slash lounge  is finally, slowly, clearing up. XD it too ambitious to aim at finishing the full shelf of books i bought (i mean, collected) over this period during the holidays?? *wonders  #iloveholidays

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