Sunday, 4 May 2014

My Bliss-ful experience

So, we decided on Bliss Bridal Gallery , as recommended by quite a few of my friends.

I didnt even know it was that popular.

after hearing so many bridal stores’ horror stories, i did a bit of homework. well, just a bit. =_=

i prepared all the ideas or concepts and brought with me to the store for the meeting.

by the end of the meeting, i told the bridal assistant my ideas orally and showed just a few pictures as the photographer is out for the session. i was kinda worried that the photographer would not have time to try to understand my ideas and what i want. (that’s the part you dont wanna mess with the bride-to-be =_= )

anyway, the day came.

we arrived at 10.30 am. the stylist was surprised that we’re punctual. ( =_= so..others usually arrive late?? ahem)

after she’s confirmed that i’ve had breakfast, we let the battle styling begins.

no time to lose, she said. and took two hours for makeup and hair do. @@

i was lucky as i had breakfast and prep-ed my body i terms of inner wear and the face. saved a lot of time.

what i can see was the stylist did not hesitate to use branded makeup like NAKED palette, shu eumura, maybeline, and stuff like that. tho there were also some, erm, ‘professional’ products.


[a gold star for this??]

we wanted to take the outdoor photos first but as advised by the photographer (the sun will brings out the eye bags 0,0 ) we took the studio photos first.

we were so scared we wouldnt be able to communicate with the photographer and stylist but it was all good. the crew they assigned to us were very friendly! they even joked with us.

the exact photoshoot starts at 1pm . i took 4 gowns and we have a set of ‘bring-your-own’ outfit. (yes, gone are the days where there would be 7 to 8 , er, big gowns for the photoshoot. they are going super korean style now.)

the photographer looked at my ideas and also let us know his.

now , we know that they will have tonnes of props , no? boards, flowers, you know, the usuals and the cliche . but what surprised me was that they took the pain to write down, describe my concept, and FIND A PROP JUST FOR US, OUR PHOTOSHOOT !! i even suspected they googled the concepts !

in my mind i was like: seriously????? we were supposed to bring ourselves any ‘meaningful’ things that we want to use.

ok maybe i’m overreacting. they could be adding new props to their new studio and just happened to find the props. 0_0

but still, i was surprised.

so anyway , we rushed to the outdoor location by 3pm and did the most efficient session. ever. and ran back to studio just before it started to rain. =_____=


anyway, we were quite efficient as we’re finished by 5pm.

next step would be choosing photos.

=D cant wait!

on a side note, just ran for the padini sales the day after the photoshoot and grabbed two tops and a pair of trousers.



i would call the tops ‘the lazy tops’ as you dont need to iron them and can wear them to work XD ahahhahha lazy tops ftw!

they were priced at RM119 and now at RM39 =_____= (just how could this happen)

yikes. im becoming a sales craze.


Kyle Loke said...

Maybe your idea inspired them so they do not hesitate to invest in it. To make it possible for the following know what I mean!

ViViEnNe said...

LOL so im an inspiration la~ =p