Sunday, 2 March 2014

up level !

er nope, not the games’ up level. it’s life’s up level.

er nope, not LV or Chanel or anything. It’s even better that that.

you’ll find out. *snobs*


as we all know, stress and late nights can wreck havoc to our body systems. Thus, needless to say, for my weak body, the works and part time studies has been ‘killing’ it softly. or not so softly.

thanks to my bunch (or bunches) of health geeks friends, i was (and am still) determined to make some changes. i mean, if you’d excuse the occasional roti tisu or fries, that is. oh and the shampoo that comes with paraben. ops.

1. raw powers.

i guess the first step i took was adding more raw fruits and vegies. i was such a picky eater when i was small. trust me. fruits never even existed in my eyes until then.

downing the pile of vegies and fruits daily was abit too much for me. so i chosed to juice them, for the comfort of the stomach and also fast absorption of the nutrients. and the multivites of course.

like this:



trust me, they’re yummy.

the effects are unbelievable. you’d think how do these daily food make any changes to our body? is it that strong? oh yea they are.

however, there’s one point to remember: each body has different needs. thus, pick vegies and fruits that suits you best.

here, the beetroot is very potent in balancing hormones. and also many other benefits, of course. lemon is so high in vit C it gives fairer skin apart from strengthening the immune system.

like this:


#nofilter #nophotoshop


2. changing skincare products.

my skin became so sensitive i decided to at least change to conventional shower gels to natural soap bars.

like this:


the net actually helps to create foams and helps to protect and store the soaps too.

well not only they are refreshing, easy to rinse, it helped to strengthen the skin.

i’ve got 5 of them now, each serves different fuctions. =_=

and also this!


Natural masks!

i’ve always adore the egg white masks..i’ve now tried vietnamese rice paper masks, honey lemon brown sugar scrub..and now these chinese herbal masks , formula from a taiwanese LOHAS magazine..gonna try  it later!


3. changing diets.

that’s tough, you know. eat according to colours, nutrients you need and no unnatural processed food. that requires some readings, discussion, and knowledge. real tough, you know. *sigh*

but it’s getting better. *ahem*


4. no more iced stuff.

the chinese medicine concepts has always rejected the iced stuff. and of course there are valid reasons. halting circulation and all. talk about this, i’ve been rejecting (or avoiding) iced stuff for..what, 2 years? 0.0 wow.


well…..the only thing i still fail to follow is..i think..sleeping early.

gargh. but have been trying to finish works in advance. and hence the mission #freetheweekend !! and also having weekend coffees at the recently famous vintage chic circle here. =p

oh and that’s also why i’m sitting hear typing this boring blog post.

ok. hope this sharing benefits you.

lunch’s calling. =_=

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