Sunday, 8 September 2013

open shelf options

everyone is trying to stretch the ringgit now. so instead of the expensive ones, you can always opt for the open shelf or store brands. and they are doing good too! [all pictures taken from products’ website]

I’ve recently tried clinelle and i’m loving their sunscreen!


it’s not oily or sticky at all! plus, it is free of artificial colouring, fragrance,comodogenic ingredients,lanolin,mineral oil and SD-alchohol! not to forget it is SPF 50 PA+++! (covering UVA, broad spectrum)

link here:

some say that actually when we use these, it is best we also use cleansing oil, just like we’re removing makeup..coz our pores can be so dirty from all these layering.

however, when i went to look for cleansing oil, i can only see their expensive price tags. =(

fear not! coz i also found that watson’s has their own store brand cleansing oil! and it is not expensive at all! (with good reviews!)


and i adoreeeeee their olive oil range! (now they have it in organic version too!) it leaves skin sooooo smooth!

link here:

ok work is calling. *tiptoes*

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