Sunday, 1 September 2013

birthday post

when i this blog post i thought of ‘birthday outfit’…get it get it?? like birthday suit== and then i thought of ‘birthday skin’ (soft and smooth baby skin, aw..), ‘birthday hair’ (bald), ‘birthday makeup’! (the nude makeup, yea that’s it.) H.A.H.A.H.A.

oh ok. the ‘birthday outfit’. with my vincci quilted one.
2013-09-01 21.39.11
so we went to this Sabah Tea Garden (STG) Tea House Cafe.
2013-09-01 19.32.062013-09-01 19.33.17

2013-09-01 19.33.34
it is actually like the Secret Garden, modified from those old banglows..oh gosh loving those nostalgic colonial atmosphere..
2013-09-01 19.33.442013-09-01 19.34.01

sabah tea to buy home…

2013-09-01 19.35.072013-09-01 19.39.592013-09-01 19.50.28
atmosphere was good..the tea was fragrant..but food was okay..we had tea smoked chicken whole leg and pan grilled salmon. the skin was crispy..just the meat was a bit bland..

after birthday dinner, off to the art market in Festival Walk..
(yea finally Ipoh got some artistic injection!)

2013-09-01 22.18.082013-09-01 22.17.35
so this birthday shopping haul, i got this hello kitty glycerin soap! *squeals
and another pack from a stall selling handmade essential oil soaps..i got myself tea tree (anti bacterial and fungal, am in some bad skin condition now hence didnt do much vain stuff except keeping it clean and treated), ginger (girls need this!) , a lavender eye bag (to be used while sleeping, relaxes and sooth the eyes and mind, i NEED this.) and soap bags (which are supposed to help lathering and protect soaps). they gave a free lavender hello kitty soap! *squeals2
they also sell soaps without essential oils, suitable for babies, pregnant women and those with sensitive skin.

2013-09-01 22.18.43
no this is not from the art market. i got this from watsons. when i saw the ‘pore minimiser’ i thought , “wow, really?” and decided to give it a try.
more reviews coming up! Winking smile

ok monday’s calling. i better go to bed now. *sigh*


Kyle Loke said...

Now I realised that Bob really love his SHIRT~! he wear shirt every time!!

ViViEnNe said...

=p cannot meh?? semi formal mah