Saturday, 17 August 2013

#currentlyloving masks

so before the #currentlyloving ones, i am #stillloving the egg white mask! (which i’ve just introduced to jackie) oh i swear by it.


so apart from B.liv by Cellnique and Sasatinnie,  im #currently loving SophieMonk’s masks. and these comes with their essences (or ampoule, as some say) their essences make so much difference.

2013-08-16 22.19.36

I’ve tried some other masks that comes with ampoules but i can only feel an oily layer. when i saw this on offer from Watson’s, i got it. what impressed me was actually their essences, which i can feel the results almost instantly.


these were on offer @ watsons some time ago..not sure whether they still have them.



2013-08-16 22.20.23

My Scheming is not something new. but i had these silk masks (which i think launched quite some time ago ) which really really acts like second skin on the face! and not much dripping!


it is important for me to work while having the mask on. no time to lose.


ah~ gotta have another mask is so bad from stress =_=

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