Saturday, 17 August 2013


okay who doesnt love freebies?

so as requested, im gonna show off (yea right) 3 brands i managed to get my hands on during the short 3 days break. (yes 3 days. to me,it is short!)

wait. hold on.

before the free ones, im gonna show the ‘not free’ ones.

saw the irresistible miniature HK shower gel @ 7eleven.



just gotta drop it into my Doraemon bag and use it when there’s no hand wash in public toilets. #truestory

and the masks from SASA store brand/house brand-Sasatinnie. now 5 at RM11 ! (previously it was 4 @RM10, you can pick and mix)

2013-08-16 22.19.09


loving their masks which wont drip much when in use! (and that brings to another post on #currentlyloving masks.)

talk about house brands or store brands, i started to look into house/store brand as alternatives for those luxurious counter brands for skin care. basically if you dont have much problems like sensitive skins or allergies, it is a real good alternative, and at a much lower price! (and they are also quite competitive to give better products than the luxurious brands) watson’s is doing pretty good in this.


and on to the FREEBIES!

we were just walking around Isetan and i saw this poster saying RMK is giving out foundation samples. immediately i thought of those days when i can survive just on samples (and free movie tickets!). oh the #seriousblogger days.

anyway i went on and filled in the profile and got the samples.

2013-08-16 22.17.16

so i got myself primer and foundation. but i’m still thinking of Anna Sui. (which, dont have the samples yet.)


then as we walk out of the market  i saw this Melvita organic skincare shop (brought in by L’ Occitane). initially i went in trying to do a little survey for my friend. but hey, SAMPLES again! and not one, not two, but 6 mini packets!

2013-08-16 22.13.46

day and night gels, rose water, intimate wash and etc.



as if that was not enough, the next day that jackie hijacked me away from bob (haha!) into Kiehl’s. after some consultation, another bunch of samples! and this time it is 10 mini packets!! *supresses screams


2013-08-16 22.16.00


initially i thought he was only going to give me the eye creams samples. he then gave me samples for full skincare routine! and customised for my skin concerns! (plus Enzo was careful to give enough samples for a week!)

oh yea you can ask for Enzo at Kiehl’s @ MidValley. =p

quite leng chai hahahahah! XD


okay now aim for more freebies! #cheapskate mode ON.

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