Sunday, 14 July 2013

Of Versatility (and vanity)

so the other day jackie was showing me dresses that she wanted to get/make . one of it was that kind of super versatile dress that can be wore with many different kinds of accessories. i said i have one, from F&F. LOL!
so here it is, playing dress up with 5 different looks, from day to night. #justpurevanity

the first look was simple. the dress,paired with a statement accessories, giving the look a little pop of colour and also making, well, statements?
(the acrylic bangle was from The Peranakan Mansion in Penang. )IMG_8853copy

the second look was for the office.
the jacket makes so much difference here. as the dress is dark grey, i opted for this fuchsia jacket from P&Co Essential series. looks pro huh?
ops. meeting. gotta run.

the third look was a super casual one for afternoon. simply sweet. IMG_8901copy
wine yard walk anyone?

the fourth look was something surprisingly compatible. IMG_8910copy
the crocheted top totally transformed the dress’ whole look. it’s a little romantic huh?

simply cinch it with this thick belt and it looks like i’m ready for a night out. wooh!

well, gotta love this versatile dress. <3


Tara Leong said...

Nice pairing, especially when the dress pair with jacket but different color. This show dress can perform in different ways and place~

ViViEnNe said...

yes! hehe thank you!