Sunday, 10 March 2013

memory-worthy photos

this is gonna be a pictorial post (or some sort of things like that) coz im so obviously burnt out now

but because the photos are so memory-worthy, i think they deserve a post on it.

and yes they are all long overdue .

coz of the classes *shifty eyes*


2013-02-12 18.35.50

the class 2003 AMCian 10th anniversary reunion!


2013-02-12 18.38.21

yea those were the enlarged version of our name tags

and other props for photoshoot with a photoboard.  so well planned!


2013-02-12 18.39.51

our exercise books!


and went around taking photos

2013-02-12 18.41.58

er..with the props. i kinda like this. >_>



10 years!! <3 <3 awwww..




the driver and photographer for the day , with a bored face XD




<3 <3 my group mates! so glad to have joined them that day!




2013-02-23 19.23.10

went for the japanese BBQ with a bare face! lousy service/operation tho.




big group movie outing with the coursemates during the training week! <3

note: we did NOT sneak out of class to do this. =p

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