Tuesday, 5 February 2013

back to basics

just some time ago i had trainings and had to stay in the hostel. and being there, i dont have much choice, really.

the water was yellowish/brownish and we had to use that to shower,wash our face, and a lil bit more unhygienic- brush and gargle with that water.


i’ll definitely gear myself up and load up on necessary items.

so anyway,when i got back from training, my skin is really bad. oily,enlarged pores,dull complexion,clogged just after 2 or 3 days..could be the problem with my digestive system but still.

so i took the opportunity (as my previous cleanser was running out) to decide for a new one as my skin has changed.

and finally after a lot of labels reading, i decided on this:



and OF COURSE, i have no regret.

it’s SEBAMED ok!

tho, it is utmost important to choose the right cleanser or the rest could fail.

when i first use it, i thought it could dry my skin out..but i was wrong! it contains coconut oil, which leaves skin well moisturised!

it also contains ingredients that deeply but gently cleanse skin, thus leaving the skin healthy as it is not clogged.

before this, when i did my egg-white mask, i pulled out alot of dirty stuff on the facial puff..but after some time using this, the blackheads and dirty stuff that i got on the facial puff has reduced (greatly!)

so i immediately bought a full-sized bottle of this.

aw loving it so much now! *cuddle*


note: it is important to choose the right cleanser, and that also means changing cleanser according to the facial condition from time to time. to choose a cleanser, it is important to first identify the skin concern or problem, and what needs to be done. next, decide on the range /products you need, starting by brands and narrow down from there.

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