Friday, 29 March 2013

how i ate my husband (or maybe not)

after a long day of lessons, decided to go dinner with sarah and jeannie just now. and after some not-so-hard thinking, decided to go to that ‘deli’ to grab dinner.

and so, took a ride with the coursemate to the train station and boarded the train to another for sarah to pick me up.

was so much fun meeting the girls again!

then after the horrible jam, we arrived at the ‘deli’.

and wow….. didnt imagine the queue for dinner would be that long. well thanks facebook-ers for promoting this.

anyway, after some not-so-deep discussion, we decided to do with take away.

chatted more when jeannie arrived.

owh that drowning crowd.

we actually queued for an hour!! (or more, according to sarah.)



it is then I MET HIM.

it was just right there.

calling my name.

i knew it.

i knew it was him.

and i knew that was it.

i ordered my husband.

i know..cruel..

but i had to..

i have to..dont i?

i placed the order finally, and waited .

and the fact that the crowd doesnt help at all made the whole thing even more unpleasant.

and FINALLY, after queuing for more than an hour, i got my husband.

i held it in my hand.

joy overflowed..

ah! the joy!

we quickly left the unforgiving huge crowd and proceeded to a bubble tea shop to savour my husband.(well actually , only me, i mean savouring my husband.)

we arrived at the bubble tea shop and found a table while sarah placed the order for us.

and there..and then..


yes. i ate him.









i really ate him.

here’s the proof:

2013-03-28 19.20.48

see? i didnt bluff you didnt i?



2013-03-28 20.27.59

hello husband!



actually went to the Burger Lab and saw this. ahahah!! cool right??



2013-03-28 20.21.40


yea so that’s how i ate my husband!!

gotcha!! XD

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阿博 said...

oh no, u ate me~