Monday, 21 January 2013

Showing the Fats..or Fatt..

okay so yesterday (sunday) i was going to start whatever is on my agenda

and suddenly mum said:

‘clean this up until so fat also dont wanna clean this up’

(i didnt see that empty tupperware on the table..must have been hiding somewhere. im sure.)

my expression:



i had a few minutes to digest while washing the tupperware and then i said:

i didnt finish the ba gua (meat jerky) la! not me!

and mum didnt reply.




i can confirm now that mum must have thought i finished those ba gua off.


eh not me la!! x 99999


then went back into the room and checked the mirror.

eh okay wad.


then started the photoshoot  syok-sendiri session.




while i posed on the low table (or japanese table as some called it … …



i guess my fat butt broke the weak-wood dust-and-plastic-legged table. *covers face*


WHAT?! am i really that fat now??!!


okay la fine im gonna go on diet. *ugly face*


oh by the way check out the fats here. or you may call it Fatt (prosperity, in chinese).




this is the now-in-trend red peplum top from P&Co (Padini) Essentials. good to go with the classic black pencil skirt or jeans, formal or casual.






but still, the cutting is very important , especially where the frills falls on.





accessories from Vincci (@ Padini concept store)







got this hot pink asymmetrical tank top and black peplum skirt  from the same series too. the black peplum skirt makes it a tad bit more mature and feminine. but pairing it with the asymmetrical flowy chiffon skirt, it gives a whole new look to the basic tank top.

er….i guess nobody will know you wore it twice. right?


well , gotta be thrifty now dont we?
















personally love this take most!

jacket from P&Co Essential series as well. glitter black dress were bought from a colleague.

this type of jacket can instantly glamor-ise a dress/look just like that. i saw many tweet jackets on sale but cant really wear a tweet jacket in my case, will sweat like waterfall == right?

but this one from P&Co is not that thick and not too formal. so you can actually mix and match with many other pieces after this.

*thrift mode ON*



i’ll tell you.

THIS IS THE LOOK i was trying to do when THE TABLE BROKE.


but it was kinda fixed in this take.

so if i dont want the jacket, i can still give a pop of colour with some accessories like this pink chinese purse/clutch.


and so for a FAT/FATT ending,


sister tee that spells STAR that i got for the Sis-es.



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