Tuesday, 25 December 2012

the dig and hide

went to the Big Bad Wolf english books warehouse sales,digged, and got this:



anybody remember this?

im not sure about others but this series is what i’ll definitely go after every time i go to my secondary school’s library.

[yes im a library go-er!]

there were also other series like Full House, Charmed, Sabrina and etc but i think this series made us go to the extend of hiding it behind shelves when we wanted to borrow it home so much but we have no credit left that day. and the purpose of hiding it is of course to unofficially ‘reserve’ it til we return other books and have enough credit to borrow it home.

but! i’ll usually dig deep and score some of them. bwahahahahah!!

[eh wait..to those who know and have ‘reserved’ them before but couldnt find it after that, sorry  for ‘cancelling’ your reservation ruthlessly!! im sorry ok!! =p ]

did i hide some too? erm i guess so..dont really remember doing that. =p ahahhaha…..

but yes, this series has gone from Sweet Valley Twin, Sweet Valley Junior High, Sweet Valley High,Sweet Valley High Senior Year, Sweet Valley University, and many other special series for thrillers/horror  (halloween), or valentines and etc.

so this book is like a sort of an explanation and sort of a closure. dont know. havent start reading YET!

i remember when i found NovelHut (if you know it) much later and had enough money, i went mad inside just digging and scouting for some of the interesting stories to buy home for just a few ringgit each.

oh yeah that’s quite a lot of digging.

those were the days when i have time to read, right. *sigh*

thats why when we went to the Big Bad Wolf we didnt buy much unless the story is really worth to read or else my shelves will burst. =_= but book-digging? yes. alot.

so i guess the next mission is to read more (besides other pending artistic tasks).


and for now,





阿博 said...

merry christmas, my dear ^^

ViViEnNe said...

merry christmas^^