Sunday, 2 December 2012

what are you gonna wear?

that’s the popular question before events are due.

(er i mean among girls. or maybe metro guys?that, i dont know.)


but yes., most of the times, buying a specific piece for a particular event is too much (or not worth it)

of course.


so again, most of the times i’d dig, yes, DIG into the wardrobe to find pieces that can mix and match. or re-wear some old pieces.

i found these.


i have this bejewelled collar shirt (the IN thing now for mature styles,no?) so i paired it with the double layer black  skirt with unique cut. it’s the season so why save the jewels?no??



you can also do this with a black maxi inside and a belt.

this look is quite formal but the cut of the skirt twisted it abit.



to look festive, (ahem) i paired my MNG red casual dress with this black glittery flared skirt made of very light and flowy materials.

again, no need to save the blings.



this look is more dressy and feminine for house dinners.


and my Fav!

black glittery dress! and it’s a pre-loved!!


you don’t really see the glitter here (oh, the camera’s fault, it is.)

but again, it is the season and there’s no need to save the blings!

perfect for parties!!





but the truth is,

i haven't even think about the outfit for the vaca yet. i mean real vaca.

uh..right..time to go and think about it..gotta pack soon..


Tara Leong said...

Second~ Love it

阿博 said...

1st one~ ^^ <3<3

ViViEnNe said...

tqtq^^ 1st and 2nd both are mix and match de..