Wednesday, 5 December 2012

the way the cockroach died..

so the other day i just got back to my room and i found a dying (or almost) cockroach near my shelves. =__________=x

[cue gasps]


so i decided to..erm..give a little “help”.


got the sprays and did it. like, maintaining a distance of 50cm?




then cleared the crime scene and threw it all off. even disinfected the area.


then, i texted him.


me: a cockroach just died in my room..=_=

him: Surprised smileoh?

me: ya..

him: how did it die? jumped off something? suicide by drinking poison?

me: =_= (like a car) skidded and turtled..and i helped by giving it  poison…..



so that’s how the cockroach died.


the end.



Kyle Loke said...

cruel...y not just flush it into toilet hahaha

阿博 said...


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