Tuesday, 27 November 2012

DIY wall decor stickers

i bought a book some time ago (yea when the three shelves of books are still left untouched =_____= i know, ok.)

it was about this DIY wall decor stickers.

i know we have loads of wall decor stickers we can buy from bookstores but i want something uniquely me.

so when i saw this book i bought it. not because of the DIY steps but the tips and pattern/design.

so i went round and round just to find the so called sticker paper, in A4 size, and in the colours i want.

also, the MT tape (what i found are decoration rolls/tapes,work for me)

(finally found it in MrDIY in Ipoh Parade  if you want to know.)

then designed a little, and cut them into pieces according to the designed patterns. books,european street design from book,and the fake shelves.

there are some tricks like using magic tape to hold the draft and sticker together when you cut with the pen knife.

but overall it’s not so hard (unless you wanna do alot of complicated design)


so first, i pulled the striped decoration tape to make fake shelves. then put on the fake books (leaving some space), then the european street design.

and the final product:



nice?? =D


阿博 said...

really nice, my dear.. ^^

Kyle Loke said...

It only leave us one question..how long can it last on that wall.

But it is nice, really!

ViViEnNe said...

hahaha tqtq! we'll see!