Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Bliss

life is really rough, i know.

but i always believe a well done meal can soothes the soul and prepares it for the next round of tough fight.

went to Hot Jack along Jalan Pasir Puteh this afternoon and the meal cheered me up almost instantly.


i’m not a foodie so here’s a real foodie’s review:

Motormouth from Ipoh


what i know is, the honey lemon tea was so authentic and flavourful you can see the pulps.

Also,the Bratwurst,tomatoes and casper tomatoes spaghetti and the Duo Salmon were both exciting combinations that really please the taste buds.

well, thanks to Kyle’s recommendation. (ok i know, going there was a spontaneous decision, double date next round ok?)

it’s not easy to find such worthy meals.


other things that keep me going (and hoping) are mails from online purchases.


look what’s in the mail:

2012-11-06 23.29.18


2012-11-06 23.29.39

2012-11-06 23.29.54

it’s wan wan’s latest comic!!

i waited for it to come to malaysia’s Popular but it never came (until now =_= )

so i chose to buy it online from Eslite 诚品, the famous taiwanese bookstore.

and didn’t regret at all! coz mine was the taiwan published first edition, which has limited edition transparent book cover decoration sticker!

(ha! i know that’s a mouthful but yes!)



2012-11-07 20.12.06


2012-11-07 20.14.30

my book cover!!


the other day i went to Popular again and i saw the comic finally came in. it’s in simplified chinese. but it doesn’t have the limited edition sticker. ahha!

well if you want to know, the literal translation to the comic title is “ can we/i continue to be childish?”

basically it’s about how she sees life in a more humorous and less serious perspective.

i know. it fits perfectly, right?

we all need it.


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