Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sweaters & Skirts

it’s the monsoon/rainy season again here.

good excuse to layer up as it’s the AW fashion season.



and i don’t mean that kinda chunky heavy knits.

(tho i’d admit i kinda wish to wear ‘em just to fake an AW season here =_=)

but thinner sweater or knitted stuff.

these should work especially when you’re going to the mall,cinema, or in the walk-in chiller-like office with centralised air-cond.

and im one of those who feels cold easily.

the usual air-cond can make my hands feel cold. (and ginger red dates tea with brown sugar is my best friend)






itching now??


got the MNG Basics Sweaters just recently and as vain as i am, i played it around with the skirts. (tho there are many ways of wearing them,of course)


with the smart pencil skirt for work




the preppy pleated skirt for class




stretchy dress underneath for casual outing



and my personal favourite, the flowy maxi for dinner dates



what’s yours? Winking smile

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