Sunday, 30 September 2012

well, the logic here is..

some time  ago i read a quote in The Star’s Stuff@School  , Catch and Release by Chester Chin on 7th September. It’s this:



is this cool or what? (or was it just me?)

my thoughts on this quote was not about the rape-caught-then-released case alone.

well as usual, i deep thought on the whole logic thing.

(and i did talked to the BFF about this whole boring thing. how can i not love her you tell me)


okay. say we always wonder why some people would do this or that.  some might call people mad or whatever names or descriptions. but when you question them,(okay,or the police,lawyer etc) they dont even seem to feel guilty, at all. and they show a totally different set of logic.

or, simply, you just dont get why your colleagues would do things in some ways that you feel wrong, and hence dislike.(or even hate)

we all learn logic from life events (including classroom lessons) and we listened to parents and teachers and elders explaining the ‘logic’ to us. why and how and whatnot.

so i was guessing, maybe the logic was yet to be explained to them. or they do have a different mind, different logic, and hence needed some other way in order for the mind to, erm, tick.

hmm. is my logic logical??


here’s a story i’ve heard from my lecturer in her critical thinking class in uni.

there was a village in a remote area. basically guarded themselves from the outside world.

so this one man moved into the village after retirement.

unbeknown to him, all the villagers are all evil. (now define evil)

say, they would steal their neighbours’ things every night. and it kinda formed a circle where A steals B and B steals C and so on. so basically every house will have something new come in and also something stolen.

but this new kid on the block did not steal coz he believed in the goods. so this broke the circle.

the villagers were mad at him. so an elder warned him to steal starting from that night. if not, he will be tortured and killed.

and the ending…..what’s in your mind? what do you think? what would you do?

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