Friday, 21 September 2012

チャラベン!! Charaben!! <3 <3



Charaben is Character Bento in Jap. All thanks to the BFF Terisha for the Charaben How-To book..hohoho!

but i accidentally grated my finger making this. (ok, specifically, just once, and only a 2 mm square)

i was preparing the tofu patty for the burger when my finger was hurt. erm middle finger, by the way. no. not to mean anything. but yea.


basically i threw everything (or anything) compatible with it into the bowl, mashed tofu,oat (gasp!) carrot, parsley, salt and pepper, soy sauce, and corn flour. agak-agak lah nih.

the pan-frying part was damn tricky as i had to watch for the brown edges to appear. then only i can flip. == coz it wasnt firm enough to grill or flip like other meat patties. and i didnt want to add too much flour or bread crumbs into it.

need some tools for the decoration part. small knife, scissors etc. and make sure the nori/seaweed sheet is Yakinori or 焼き海苔 instead of the flovoured ones so they wont stick to the hands and easy to cut. (erm yea was kinda easy)

quite time consuming for a first timer like me i think. but practice makes perfect, right? right? =p



oh of course, in the end we killed the bear. and ate it.





guess i can use these furoshiki 風呂敷cloths to wrap the bento up. XD

cool right?

alright. time to work. or is it rest/sleep? 


i need a break.

gimme a break.


阿博 said...

thx ur lunch oh, my dear, it is delicious ^^ <3 <3

ViViEnNe said...

^^ <3 <3