Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Skin Saviour

i think i treated my skin badly recently(and the obvious reason is coz im…..lazy  tired) ..coz it got pretty bad til i actually needed some coverage..*gasp*

it’s like blogging, when im busy i cant write, but when i sit down and almost decided to write i got really tired..exactly like now =_____= ah but im here no?


alright whatever.


but there was really once during the uni time that i just cleaned then ignored the rest of the skin care regime. and you can guess what happened next. *sigh*


anyway the other day when i was out i didnt actually plan to buy these:


i swear. really.

the Ginvera Green Tea series’ Jade Dark Eye Circle Roll Away and Intensive Whitening& Spot Corrector, Heme Pore Perfect Refining Night Jelly and 24H Hydrating Detox-White Night Jelly.


i actually got to know about sleeping mask long time ago but i didnt buy them. one is because i still have the sheet-masks which can double as a sleeping mask anyway. two is because they’re out of my budget for such things.

just one problem.

i got headache the next morning if i use the sheet-masks while im sleeping,probably due to too much of the ‘moisture’ to the head as how we chinese put it. i stopped using it while im sleeping after that.


So when i saw them i decided to give it a try.

2012-09-11 11.35.13

one is coz they’re cheaper than other leading brands. two is coz of the packaging. NO  i was just kidding. =_= of course. it was coz they claim to give what i wanted- pore refining and whitening+hydration.

[i have pore and pigment problems, you see]


personally, i prefer the Pore Perfect Refining Night Jelly as it really smoothen the bumps and tighten the pores! (uh plus no headache the morning after?)

while for the 24H Hydrating Detox-White Night Jelly, im gonna slather a thinner layer so to not burden the skin.

but basically it’s like putting on moisturiser , just that it gives more to the skin.



2012-09-11 11.36.29


as for these, i love the Intensive Whitening & Spot Corrector as it seems to be quite effective. (but still fighting the spots!)

the eye roller seems fine tho i havent seen any major results yet.


well, hope they work!



*when i shop for skin care i go to the shelves in pharmacy and not the counters coz i think i can use the money on better and worthier things.

but going through the shelves, i usually pick only the trusted brands after reading their info. also, focus on what my skin really needs. (pigments?pores?oil? acne? dry? or sensitive?)

Brands like Garnier , Oxy, NuTeen and T3 are some of the cheap and trustworthy brands , while L O’real and Olay can be quite expensive and effective at the same time.

you can always buy and try their Travel packs or Trial packs before deciding on what you want.

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