Tuesday, 12 June 2012

of food vs. medicine

this is not a new topic i guess. (or is it?)

i was kinda landed with an absolutely-insane-and-extremely-frustrating-hence-highly-potential-all-illness-causing task recently. (oh trust me. trust the adjectives. really.)

note that i still have the day job.

this was when all those who’re in said wtf. (obviously not only me but i have waaaaay more to do. not an option either.)


i was thinking, if this task recreated health problems in me, (say, the tumour,especially for people like me who’re in the high risk group) the organisation wont pay a cent for the medications or treatments or the related stuff. ok. even if the organisation pays, my body would be beyond repair. (like the old sayings where you’d buy health when you’re old with the money you earned when you’re young)

so WHAT FOR??!!

but anyway, decided to just do what i can. not that i dont wanna do.


i’ll admit that im kinda worried about health now that im older. (ok, are you happy now?? =_=)




upon seeing my friend’s previously serious condition and how she fought,persevered, and regained health, i was quite determined to start a new form of diet. (note: quite.)

[what scares you is what makes you actually run.]

[ ok never mind that.]


so it’s a concept where you use diets according to your blood type (yea really) to help your body to fight all the big or small illness that could happen to us.

it’s quite different from medicinal dishes where the herbs are meant for medicating from the beginning.

the diet here is not the ‘diet for slimming’ kind of diet either.

it meant forming a diet directed to your health problems using wholesome natural food.

basically meant ‘food cures’.

thus, things like excessive sugars, flavourings, preservative and etc are no-nos.


it’s damn hard to stick to, ok?!

BUT I TRY! #challengeaccepted.jpg


you really have to know what you’re eating,what does it do,how does it function in your body, or at least try.  (i meant both food and medicine)

some might think asking questions other than the illness’ ‘why and how’ to a doctor is too much. but i think this is what a good patient should do.

prepare information that the doctor might need to know so the doctor can do more with the help of details (that only the patient would know) and without delay.

and take the medication as prescribed. not be your own doctor or nutritionist!


well, ok, time for some carrot juice.

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