Monday, 4 June 2012

going chiffon

the weather now is freaking hot. i’d say it’s made for the chiffon trend.


before i decided to pack, i saw alot of chiffon stuff going on, chiffon/sheer blazer, dresses,tops..

so for the recent trip, i decided to go with chiffon when i pack.


first look was for the mall, (air conditioned)





light and sheer cover on top, paired with leggings.

and this, was to meet the babes,




one is my crazy group mate, and another is my travel mate

yup, travel mate, can you believe that??

we can talk non-stop when we’re in the train/bus to campus!


as for the second outfit, coz we’re going for the outdoor so i picked a short combi.






more like this:




love this picture on the observation deck so much! haha!


so.. who else is going chiffon?

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