Sunday, 27 May 2012

the very-saturated brain says

the holiday is here (finally) !

i’ve come to the level that even having some (good) retail therapy or blogging is a form of luxury. yikes.

erm yea so that explains the dust here.

talk about luxuries, im gonna make full use of  this holiday. you have my word. (ok, or not.)

(remembered that the last holiday was spent rushing/finishing/preparing this and that……….)


Luxurious mission No. 1:


i mean, finish reading ALL the accumulated books and novels and magazines..wait, no, i meant at least finish some books or novels or magazines. =_____=


these days.

you just gotta believe me. the stackS of books and novels and magazine on the bedside is still UNTOUCHED after like more than half a year. *gasp* yea.

so, that’s mission/luxury No. 1.



Luxurious mission No. 2:

SPA. the DIY ones, i mean.

my skin needs some serious rescuing elixirs now.

talk about that , i got this,05052012720

THIS brand,My Beauty Diary, is so far the best i’ve tried.

not oily,not pores-clogging,not messy,and  very effective.

brands like Beautymate, My Scheming, and Cellina are pretty good too.


as for my hair, i still cant believe that i have to use hair fall rescue tonic,already. *sigh*



AND many other hands-on missions like trying to cook some new dishes, events and stuff.

(oh,and to dress up more. i look quite boring recently. LOL. )

it’s lucky my diary didnt explode. 0_0


alright. time’s up. have to settle more stuff.

got a friend’s wedding,a trip,and a party coming up. (<----- that, holiday??=_____= aha.)

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