Monday, 23 April 2012

the works with japanese plum wine do know about personal preference and acquired tastes , right? right? (means no deliciousness guaranteed)

right. whatever.

a quick and lazy post on this japanese plum wine dish.

so here it is!

Pork with Plum Wine Sauce


basically, marinate the thin pork slices with salt&pepper, and plum wine. agak-agak la. =_=

pan fry the pork slices first and set aside for use.

then chop garlic and ginger, saute them.

add in just a lil bit of oyster sauce, then few tablespoons of light soy sauce, spoonful of sugar and generous amount of the japanese plum wine. let it simmer for awhile.

put in the pork slices again and mix to coat them with the sauce. think?

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