Sunday, 22 April 2012



havent blog about a movie for like a million years!

remembering my nuffnang-blog-and-win-free-movie-tickets day *wonder =_=


there was army and navy bloods in my family so yea there could be some biased preference here.

but i dont care!

the movie was waaaaay too cool!

i dont mean the uniform and actors/actresses. #really.

i was talking about the whole movie, the spirit of fighting and serving their countries,pure friendship, technology and creativity in handling situations. #yeahreally.

check this out:






#spoiler :

they didnt really explain how they’d settle the extraterrestrial  issue tho. =0

it touches the topic of live-ability of our earth,and i was thinking about the reason the extraterrestrials attack our earth. 1, fight for living/survival space. 2, wrong signal sent. =_=

so erm, #saveourearth ?and be cautious when sending signals?


coolest part of the movie: grandpaS manoeuvring vessels! cool max. nuff said.


and goodness im considering to get a 3D experience after the 2D one. =_= that,despite the migraine that would occur due to my eye sight. *ponder


sigh. gotta continue the works. see if i can get something out of my cooking soon with MENTAIKO (okay excuse the caps, im just crazy over it.) and sake.

(er come to think of it, how long did i not blog about my lousy recipes?)


truth is: sneaking out to check out BATTLESHIP 2012’s website and games. #loser =_=


阿博 said...

thumbs up for BATTLESHIP... damn nice...

ViViEnNe said...

^^ said...

have not check out that movie yet but am def gonna watch soon! yay!