Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Play Dress Up

as useless as the title suggest. =_=

but got pretty inspired so went and got these pieces in the end.

all are from ACEWIN (except a few pieces of the accessories ), which im growing fond of.

items are all below RM40.

first of all, love this versatile jacket A LOT. got inspired from Chriselle Lim .


paired with the knitted dress.




and with some sort of tank top cut dress.




also, tried going soft inside with chiffon-y dress.



the dress.


a little crazy about polka dots so here’s another piece.


love the skirt! <3



i picked this top for the currently popular collar and chiffon-y material. quite something. no?



and my fav this time!!

gone classic/vintage with this piece!


this is the pink one, which is softer and looks younger. (huh? whatever.)




a fuller look.

this is the white piece which looks more elegant and classy.

and YES i bought both.




bag from Marie Claire.

uber versatile pumps from Alena.



oh oh! and for extra!


got the red red bag from ACEWIN too! (dress: gift)




do you feel tempted to get the pieces now?


阿博 said...

next time gai gai can see you wear leng leng liao~HAHA~

ViViEnNe said...

haha! =p

Raj Dahiya said...

Just love it :)

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