Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The opportunity

uh,to wear layered outfits for chilly weather.

um, yea.

you know how girls in snowing regions always long to wear spring/summer outfits, and girls in tropical (say,warm) regions always long to wear autumn/winter outfits?

okay maybe not.


but , still,

got my chance to layer up anyway. =D

so for the first outfit i got the usual t-shirt and jeans and load up with a shawl and puff-sleeved cardi.



(oh and finally got the cute glove for my cold hands. it was almost freezing!)

have to say that i love the Theme Park Hotel for the chic and simple design. (tho i heard Maxims is the most luxurious)

love to have the option of hand held shower(hate overhead shower when you dont wanna wet your hair,at all)

and the spacious bathroom countertop to lay out our (okay, i mean ‘my’ ) tools too!(uh, not to forget the large mirror!)


as we arrived early and dont have pretty much interesting stuff to do up on the highland(except shopping and gamble), i used up almost all the time to dress up. tsk.


chosed this denim bustier dress,armed myself with the puff-sleeved cardi and black leggings. (and shawl,just in case)



almost all set to go to the Jan Lamb ‘Something Scary’ Standup Comedy show when i found the zip is faulty. =_____=

ah but i modified it just in time.



love love love the Jan Lamb show!


the next day ,chosed this striped dress and paired with leggings (and shawl) for the walk-around.




think it’d be much cooler with a leather jacket..speaking of which………………..




i also saw some uber cute and warm wool jackets while we’re window shopping! but it was way out of my budget. *sigh*


and it’s not like im gonna wear it unless i have more chilly trips.



p/s: would love to have more chilly trips!


状益 said...

Didn't see you...

阿博 said...

dear, next time we go again....

ViViEnNe said...

zhuang yi: haha ya many ppl..

baby: enen^^

状益 said...

i working at genting ma...

ViViEnNe said...

oh..didnt see you..haha..