Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tiny bits of gentle love

for the skin, that is.
skipping my tasks to write this coz we must share the good things. =_=” (too much of OT kills.)

so the other day in the office we were talking about some facial places in the town ,coz my colleague was still new to the town and she wanted to clear some skin problems.
well i dont go to spa/facial/beauty centres.
one being the worthiness of the $$ and two, usually i just do research on my own and erm, test ’em on my self and,
it worked. 0_0”

so im currently in love with two some items.

[pictures are all screen captures from the products’ site coz theirs look nicer =_____=]
anyway, first one,

Nano White Cell Moist Whitenor

i recommend this coz it gives hydration and moisture without the oily after-feel of some gels/cream-gels.

found this Nano White Microfoliating Clay Cleanser interesting too as it is a gentler option for scrubs and also, clay absorbs oils and impurities. good for those with oily or clogged skin!(erm,or not.) true testimony from me and the bf (acne proned skin).

and desperately wanna try this! coz my spots are so stubborn. =_=


oh! oh! and im loving this too! Loreal Gentle Eye Make-up Remover.
i know some make-up remover can be effective enough, but not gentle enough. i almost chemically burnt the skin around my eyes with some.=_____=
see this? it even says it is suitable for sensitive eyes (or i could be just having sensitive eyes,right?) and contact lens wearers. gentle yet effective! <3<3


and i got this as my pre-valentines present! <3<3

love the eye cream! =D

good luck trying ’em!

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