Monday, 7 November 2011

tortured myself!

whoa that’s been a really long time i didnt write anything on my blog..

*shrug* anyway.

used this Nexcare non-exposure tape yesterday during my short trip/vacation for the long weekend..


[source from blogs/blogger]

well it said i can stick it on my skin after i’ve placed it on (the insides and exposure spots of) my clothes..


and yes, before this when i tried this it was alright..


but guess what happened last night..


i was pulling out the tapes as usual..


then i pulled the one on my left breast too fast too hard..


and ~!@#$%^&*()_+..


the very first and thin layer of my skin was peeled off with that sticker/plaster/tape!


damn painful!!!!!!!!!! i cant even bath well!! (soap and water,you see..)

now when the fabric brushes with that wound it still hurt!! =”(


i cant put on plasters for too long as well!


so moral of the story is, peel it off GENTLY!! X”(



p/s: anyway, fun in the short trip! bought cheap and cute and unique stuff again..XD

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