Monday, 10 October 2011

and here we go..

trust me, i’ve been busy with alot of stuff  since months ago(mentally and physically)

just look at my RD diary(thin and small and convenient to use and carry around,so gonna get it in december!)

realised im a straightforward tasks killer when i look at my diary =_=

(wait, what am i talking writing typing now?)

well it’s a rare case that i sit here and blog about something so emotional (since long time ago?) but that’s the thing spinning in my head now..


saw the cases recently and they made me think.. and i just wanna tell my sisters,

1. if your guy (guy,not boy) gives you trouble/heartache almost monthly,like PMS, please, ditch him. you’ve had enough with the real PMS.



2. in a relationship , it’s give and take. one gives, and another appreciates as one takes, and it should go on like a cycle. if there’s no appreciation, or one dominates another, it’s total failure.



3. be rational and logical. you can get a lil emo and touchy feely in a relationship but if you’re totally out of this reality, it dies faster.



4. understanding and immediate actions should be given at one call/text. if he doesnt, ditch. end of story.



5. if both parties cant talk / communicate their thoughts or doesnt trust each other anymore, you know it’s the end. nothing beats that.




ah alright, good luck to you babes..bed is calling..



V. <3

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