Sunday, 27 November 2011

that’s the reality

cuteness in packaging is almost always a weak spot in girls when it comes to all the beauty products (or maybe other products too)

so the other day, i bought this lip balm in a mini ice cream tub for myself


(ignore my messy hair, please >_> it was the fan, alright)


i also bought another lip gloss in mini cupcake packaging for sis.


that’s cuteness overdosed! (ala Miao&Wafu, Pafu )


then, when i wanted to try it out, i figured it was kinda hard to apply it on my lips..fingers or brush?? you cant even twist to push it out..and i went, ‘damn..’




well, that’s cuteness versus practicality when it comes to reality.




but i know one thing that cant be wrong. i did my straightening perm at a salon and it was really good, worth the price tho it was not cheap. it can last at least 2 years depending on how you manage or care for your hair.


and you know when it comes to managing long hair, it takes huge effort buying stuff and slapping it onto your hair and then rinse it and then style it. (and luckily mine was straightened, but still..)


so when i saw this on Watson’s shelf, i bought it.



it was Dove’s Damage Therapy Intense Repair series’s Daily Treatment Conditioner, which, well, combines the treatment  solutions and conditioner.


If you’ve been using Dove, you’d know how soft and smooth your hair can get with the conditioner. i think my hair definitely need it to prevent more split ends.


i think i also need creams/blams/serums for my rough hands,dry lips,spots and large pores…..#girlsendlesswoes








sometimes im just too lazy to put anything on myself..




that’s the reality.

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