Sunday, 2 October 2011


i mean..for makeup, that is.




well, you know girls.


some things, we do swear by it (IF, say, has been ‘living’ with it for a few years.)


but for a lot others, just like fashion, changes every season LOL..XD


alright craps off.


here, i’ve tried two of these not-so-new products:



the Follow Me Oil Control+Whitening Poreless Blackhead Remover.


it actually exfoliates stuff from your T-Zone and chin like magic!

(yea i know i loved my egg-white mask before, i still do, but sometimes it is just so hard to not admit the new found love! LOL)





and Maybeline’s Baby Lips SPF20 Lip Balm in Smoothing Cherry.

i’d usually get the dead skin cells or dry flakes when i rub off other balms,coloured or not , from my lips. but this one? it stays true to me (my lips, i mean).

proven loyalty! XD it promises baby lips in just ONE WEEK!!


itching to try?

go on, i know you want to ditch your old one! ;)

=bad influence=


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