Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Vain bug attack – read at your own risk!

this should have been an earlier post but i just dont have the ‘omph’ and time to do it =S


anyway, in a ‘rare’ occasion when the vain bug bites, i decided to..get vain..=.=x


remember i got these?



just picked some of the pieces to do ..well..these..



for a dressy fancy night!! =D

just love the tulle!

if you dont get it, check this Chriselle’s video out:




erm..very work/prim and proper look with the printed lace on the fabric..and i added the ribbon myself!


and i decided to add more white pieces to my wardrobe so i got this:


it’s great for a cold weather/environment!

i know the red is a lil weird so i guess pairing it with a darker/mute colour is better..

but it is damn comfy!! =D



oh!oh! im not sure whether you all have seen this video: *video link* 

i tried it (in my room,that is =_= )

damn cool alright?


 P9250082 P9250083 P9250084 P9250085

basically it’s about re-tie-ing your bf’s shirts (well, or any large sized shirts)..

Yay to recycling and sharing bliss! =D

*wink wink*

tho i’d advise to use NuBra and sticking double-sided tape at the sides to avoid it slipping off..


oh!oh! and another one which is also a must-try:

 P9250086 P9250087    


wicked,huh? =D


alright, bed is calling.


enjoy learning it!




阿博 said...

wow... look like very nice... especially that men shirt....

ViViEnNe said...

*gasp* baby you're here! =D yea heheheheheh~~