Sunday, 18 September 2011

That’s life! <3


when people have ‘jet lag’, i have ‘trip lag’..=_=

still feels so tired.. T_T


*fighting the urge to sleep*

the thing is, i cant believe my trusty shopping bag was full just after a lil more than an hour..*gasp*



can say that times square is my heaven ,LOL..

the only down point was i had to change into my spare flat coz the newly bought heels was too much for me to bear in a shopping trip..


a good thing i decided to bring along my spare flat..=0


ah but it’s all worth it!!


look at ‘em:


will do a separate post on these soon! =D








also had a great time meeting up with my babe yunyi!


awwwww..just love her sooooo much!


not forgetting the family



but yea i know tiredness has crawled up to my face..T_____T

note to self: shall do the masks tonight!




oh and by the way, loving the restaurant Fu Tien now! so if you’re near the Ipoh Bestari area, do give it a try (and it’s vegetarian!)


[again , that tired look before nom-ing T_T]




speaking of nom-ing, got this sample of Julie’s Oat 25 ,One Million Packs of Love (think it’s strawberry and oats)



this is ..erm..nom-ed in the car on the way out..coz too hungry..T_T


*sigh* trip-lag huh..


ok tomorrow’s task is calling..

*recharge energy* =_=x

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