Thursday, 15 September 2011


just a really quick post before i go off..


while i was applying my layers of night time skin care products just now..i just couldnt resist but decided to share this out with you all..


i have these 3 tubes that i totally fell in love with..not only they are cheap and on open shelves in the stores, but also very effective in fighting off my skin problems..

look at ‘em..



the green capped tube on the right is the Follow Me Oil Control + Whitening Spotless Pimple Gel..

i know we have quite a number of pimple ‘paste’ and gel on the market, but this one, not that it kills the pimples effectively with less harmful ingredients, it leaves no mark on my skin! fab?


another ‘pair’ that i really wanna recommend is the Garnier Light series’ Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream and Dark Spot Corrector Pen, both with lemon essence and other botanical extracts.

there was once i was so emo i didnt even bother to care for the spots until i got worse..and most spot corrector were quite pricey..and i met this!

after just two applications, the spots has greatly reduced,much to my amazement =D i found my savior!

ah! that’s not all, the Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream left my skin feeling fresh and much fairer, absolutely fabulous in the morning!

ha! i know you wanna try them now! dont you?


oh, and bye!

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