Sunday, 10 July 2011

brain??what brain??

so the other day i made this:


origami lily..

百年好合 XD

not easy when you only look into the paper’s instruction (tho i know there are more that’s even harder)



and i was talking to a friend about arts..

you see, i’m glad that i had the chance to have basic guidance and alot of fun in various forms of arts.

i’ve had wushu, art (as in handicrafts and paintings) ,singing, and chinese orchestra classes as i grow up.

and what i can tell is, it really helped me.

being in the front classes (science stream, it is) is alot of stress, alright? so this helped to ‘balance’ it. i didnt feel the release of stress as it is, but i did have some time out, and just played it all out. and after that, i can focus on the academic aspects better.

plus, im not all that geeky. =_= and i do have fun.

[ also, when people talk about something artsy(ok,or maybe scientific) you wont be so pitiful. =p #shameless =_=”]


but seriously, my job requires me to be like an all-rounder, a know-all. like what most parents want their kids to be today.

well, good or bad when pushing the kids to all the ‘co-curriculum’ , it’s your choice. but remember that extremity is never good.



and you remember the talk of left and right brain? i did a small test the other day and my left brain’s value is 14 while my right brain’s is 10. (it measures by points on how much each side works and also sees which side of the brains dominates)

so it seems these artsy things also affects my brain, and then the way of thinking and reacting to things in life, left or right brain-ed.

i feel it is so important to have a balance in the brain, so one could be wiser in all aspects in life. (erm, there’s always two sides in a story? so it is neither extreme left nor right =.= extreme is never good kan?)


well alright, enough of this crap. procrastinated long enough. =_____=x


p/s: but i found the key is, whether you observed, then analyse, and connect/relate it to the real life aspects and then apply. if you dont, well, it doesnt do anything much, no?

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