Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Magical Moment!-Obligatory Post!

HA! i finally watched my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!


for a HP-moderate-fan like me it’s of course one of the BIG moments,and totally regretted  not getting the tickets sooner..

so anyway i was choosing between the jeans and the short..



well not really a hard time as i knew the cinema would be cold. so i took the jeans.


and like one of those social media ‘waves’ for #HP7, of course i checked in with Foursquare.. (must support!!=D)

guess what? found Pat was there too!! but we’re in different halls =p

(was it you, Pat, or was it Foursquare who was so brilliant/smart and tagged me with your gang?haha! )


and boy, what a farewell.. *sigh*


i could still remember what changes it brought on to me!

*cue flashback*


but yea the story (well, the books,actually) will always be with me..=)


to you,

Harry Potter. (well, and J.K. Rowling..and all other characters,actors etc, of course..)


for giving us all these wonderful magical moments~~

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